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Registration is currently closed. Please stay tuned for upcoming lessons and other exciting opportunities!


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Beginner Lessons

If you’re new to the swing family of dances and are interested in trying them out, then this series is the perfect starting point! Taught by friendly and knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about the swing dances, teaching, and the vibrant community of welcoming dancers in our city, you’ll quickly find yourself among friends. Topics covered in this class include:

  • the basic rhythm patterns of the Lindy Hop (6-count and 8-count)

  • basic patterns, including several different turns

  • the swing-out, the namesake of our club and the quintessential Lindy Hop move

  • partner connection

  • and the Charleston (1930’s)

By the end of this series, and with some practice, you’ll be social-dancing comfortably and have a fairly well-developed repertoire among two distinguished dances! You’ll also be in a position to take your dancing to the next level by enrolling in our Intermediate series!

Classes will be Tuesdays, or Thursdays (pick one), 6:15pm-7:35pm starting in January.

Below is a video showing some of the moves you can expect to learn from our Beginner series:


Intermediate Lessons

Intended for dancers who have completed our Beginner series, or its equivalent elsewhere, this series will revisit some of the fundamentals presented in Beginner in greater detail. Improved technique, partner connection, and repertoire-expansion form the main focus of this series! Topics covered in this class include:

  • revisiting patterns, such as the swing-out, in greater technical detail

  • improved partner connection

  • challenging yet accessible figures to extend your repertoire

  • rhythmic and footwork variations that can be applied to your dancing

  • musicality

  • Tandem Charleston.

Classes will be on Thursdays 6:15pm-7:35pm starting in January

Below is a video showing some of the moves you can expect to learn from our Intermediate series:

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