The Minnie Dippers

Welcome to Swing-Out Edmonton's open-level performance team, the Minnie Dippers! Named after the distinguished Lindy Hop move popularized by the late and great ambassador of the dance itself, Frankie Manning, The Minnie Dippers appropriately encapsulates our core values of respect, inclusivity, community, appreciation for the African American origins of the dances we enjoy, and advancement of our members' skills in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, general performance, and more. This term, the coaches are Michael Besplug, Chelsea Butler, Chloe Martineau, and Anna Beamish.

To us, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing people's breakthroughs in conquering challenging yet accessible choreography and the camaraderie and friendships that form as we work together toward common goals in a team environment.

In the before-times, we focused mostly on partnered dance routines with in-person, weekly practices, but with the disruption of COVID-19, we've changed our focus for the Fall term to solo jazz choreography with live, virtual, weekly practices. Maintaining team spirit and delivering practices in an online format is a new endeavour for us, but we're excited for the challenge and to still have the opportunity to grow our community and dance our favourite swing dances through these socially-distanced times.

We'll be running weekly, online, live practices on Thursday evenings, starting February 4, from 7 to 8:30. Our main focus will be learning an original solo jazz routine pitched at roughly an intermediate level, but beginners are both welcome and encouraged to join, especially if a slightly brisker learning pace is seen as a fun challenge! Regardless, questions are also always welcome and encouraged, and we strive to be available to help everyone experience success!

Finally, the team is FREE to join! If you'd like to learn more about the team or attend our first practice on Thursday, February 4th, please sign up using the link provided, and one of our coaches will be happy to follow up with you.