Come dance with us

When in doubt, swing out!

Swing-Out Edmonton Dance Club is a non-profit University of Alberta Student Group for swing dancing. We are dedicated to spreading the love of swing dancing across campus while building a vibrant swing dance community. We strive to create a fun, friendly, and open atmosphere that reinforces our vision that anyone can, and should, swing dance.



Swing-Out Edmonton now has a Covid policy

Originally, with the fall term coming up, we were anticipating a return to in-person for lessons, dance teams, and social dances. 

However, in the interest of safety, we have decided that all of our events will feature only online solo jazz options as opposed to partner dancing. With this decision, we are able to maintain social distancing between all participants

Our first fall event, Sweets and Swing is free and is scheduled for Sept 17th. and will feature an online introduction to solo jazz. Our Beginner lessons will begin every Thursday starting September 23th and will feature an original solo jazz choreography taught online. Please subscribe to our newsletter below or watch our Facebook for updates.